Tonight was the first night back at Stormhold training since festival.

I was much happier with my longsword fight tonight than I have been since I picked it up in heavy. I fought Brennan, Yehuda, Miriam and Brodhir. I am finding that I have to commit all of my energy to overcome sword & shield or to chase down pole-arms.

The strategy that I am finding successful is to attack provoking a response that I void and then to hit my opponent in the opening created.

Sara and I did two drills using shinai and fencing masks. Later we did sticky swords and the hanging guard flow drill in armour.

the first and last copied from ScaBastardSword

Fendente tag

Players attempt to hit each other with fendente to the head without making contact with their swords. This improves footwork and timing as the only defensive option is to void.

Sticky swords – drill the second

I made this one up to practice good cover at the half sword.

Players throw mandritto fendente and meet at the half sword, then they attempt to make good blows on their opponent without being hit in return and without losing blade contact.

It had a tendency to get silly but I think that with more disciplined and experienced players it would work better because they would be less likely to exploit the rule-set or end up out of a guard.