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Tonight, I went to St Mon’s training on my own. Everard was there and I enjoyed fighting him. I tired fairly quickly and suffered several equipment failures.

For whatever reason, my footwork was not as good as last week either. My attacks were extremely linear.

Everard’s advice for the future was to: throw less blows, to seek the bind and to control the centre-line. This would allow me to seek an advantageous position on my opponents sword from which I can hit them safely. This is attractive to me in that I can fight effectively without using as much energy.

Things that still worked this week were: mezzo cuts to a thrust, high-low thrust feints, and redoubled blows to the onside head.

Equipment Failures

  • I couldn’t find my normal gloves to wear in my gauntlets. I had to use thick ones that reduced my control of the sword.
  • The quillons of my long sword became loose and constantly rotated out of alignment with the blade edge.
  • My gambeson, helm and plastic breastplate were crap as usual.

I am glad I went out even though my frustration level was high tonight. Next  week I will try to be more disciplined about drilling specific techniques for the first and last 15 minutes.

I just found this video, it is a nice encapsulation of a concept.