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Yesterday, Tom turned up on my doorstep and we started her heavy training.

We worked on the absolute basics: stances, footwork and the basic blows in the DeGrendulus system.

Last night my shoulder began to hurt. I haven’t done the warm up motion in months; which coincides with the length of time that my shoulder injury hasn’t been an issue. Either I am doing the warm up motion wrong or the warm up motion done correctly exacerbates my shoulder injury.


opening footwork and closing footwork, passing steps and triangle steps, followed by a footwork drill.

The blows

Warm up motion, the onside and the ear to ear.

The footwork drill

This one teaches the void.

  1. Instructor and student start out of measure.
  2. Instructor throws blows at the student in slow speed.
  3. Student voids into and out of measure, using only good footwork.

I just found this video about pell drills, we will probably work on some of this next: