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The format of training at St Barts was good tonight. We managed to fit in: stretching, footwork, lunges, extensive drilling of plate 7 Capoferro, and 15 minutes of free play.


  • inner groin
  • touching toes seated
  • lower back twist
  • parallel feet lunge
  • quads


  • gathering steps
  • advances
  • retreats
  • passes
  • false stepping
  • the girata
  • the scansa della vita


  • with rearwards recovery
  • forwards recovery
  • changing guard mid lunge
  • left and right handed

Plate 7

We worked through this slowly for the concepts and then faster and smoother, in more armour.  I taught this using last weeks video as the basis and the Tom Leoni Capoferro translation as a supplement. I also used the translation to introduce the students to the process of interpretation.

Free play

I suggested that the students keep the previous drill in mind during free play. Which had mixed results; it was obvious which plates they had not yet learnt. When fighting my students I tried to give them the ques from plate 7, which mostly didn’t work.

Overall, the session worked well, especially the schedule.