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Today was spent on a two-hander workshop taught by Everard.

His take home points were:

  1. control the centre line
  2. close
  3. maintain strong leverage position keeping elbows tight to the body.

He is working out of the German tradition which works better in armoured combat; blows coming from above have more power than blows from below.

What is the action used to achieve this:

  1. player is in Vom Tag cuts to plow with a left foot slide step forward.
  2. player closes with a right foot pass staying in plow.
  3. player attacks targets of opportunity while conforming to the take home points.

This approach is different to what I have done to date, my Italian instincts are to:

  1. maintain distance
  2. control the centre line
  3. extend the arms when throwing blows

These instincts have led to me raising my arms in close to maintain control of my opponents sword, which gives them leverage on my elbows.

Other stuff from today: false edge thrust works well straight down the centre line, and how to use a German inspired hanging guard. Apparently we only got through half the material prepared.

I got a chance to shave down the grip on my bastard sword; it is much nicer to use; now I just have to find a way to fix the quillons in place and it will be pleasant to use.