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Following on from the training day yesterday, I tried to work on my close game tonight and so far I am finding it very frustrating.

I was able to follow the rules for closing to the bind; unfortunately I had no idea what to do once I got there. The other thing I am finding is that when I slow down to figure it out, I get hit by my opponent who is just throwing a lot of blows.

Next training, I will try to move my body away from my opponents sword when in the bind instead of towards it. Everard should be at the next training and able to help too.

I am generally finding heavy frustrating at the moment, playing with a two-hander means that more thrusts come my way and I am using a barrel helm which rocks back every time instead of shedding the thrust like bascinets, barbutes or sallets would. This is a problem on two levels: one I can’t dodge thrusts as effectively; and two my helmet rocking back upsets me.

I need to get padded gloves to wear inside the gauntlets I am using too. My hands are getting bruised in a couple of places through the armour.

On a positive note, my breastplate now has faulds. It is very close to complete.