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Tourney for me
I lost both my fights and was consequently out in the second round. I fought Wulfgar Jarnsithar (Glaive) and Aonghus Mac Greigor (Pollaxe).

This was much better than fighter auction tourney – I was able to maintain my focus enough that I could control the fight some of the time. Both of them hit me when I stepped back thinking myself out of range. I have yet to assimilate the range advantage that pole arms have over me.

Tournament headspace
I have been having difficulty for some time getting into a focused tournament mindset. This is made more difficult in heavy as the 30 minutes of constant bouting that I would prefer for immediate tournament warmup in rapier tires me too much, in harness.

Advice I received

  • increase the handle length of my longsword to fit a fist between my hands when wearing gauntlets – several people suggested this.
  • reduce the weight of the sword by getting much smaller quillons – I may get marginally smaller quillons in combination with shaving the sides of the blade further.
  • control the centreline more – My attempts to control the center at the moment often result in pushing my blade across my body instead of towards that of the opponent.

The issue of controlling the centre line is making me rethink the way that I currently teach gaining the blade. Capoferro says: (paraphrasing wildly) that if the opponents sword is angled you should place your sword to cover your body completely and if his blade is straight you should hold yours straight also.

In relation to longsword this suggests that when in short position (plow) I should either thrust, controlling the centre AKA gaining the blade, or perform a two time defense and attack, again controlling the centre.

I will post part 2 later in the week.