Why do I teach? How do I teach?

I teach to improve my own understanding of fighting and to produce more opponents good enough to make me improve. The test of a fighting system is whether it can be taught and recognised, and whether it is effective for someone else.

The best way to teach is to teach until you no longer need to because you have created self directed learners, people who can research and train on their own. I don’t know how but I want to light a fire.

What I want to teach is not what I need to teach.

Cornelius has an interesting style of teaching; he gives only the absolute minimum of information. One gets the feeling that he has heaps more to say but that one must become worthy of his knowledge by applying his initial advice.

Recently, Elena recorded one of my beginner training sessions. I was struck by how much and how fast I talk. I think this arises for two reasons: because I am frustrated with teaching beginners and because we only have a short time every week for training.

The other pattern with the teaching that I do is that I always want to teach more material when my students are tired and ready to stop learning for the day. This happens is because I estimate the difficulty of the class based on the difficulty I have understanding the material and how much energy I require to teach it; the material I know very well I find easy to teach.

My students need me to slow down and be happy with the one or two things that can be realistically taught in a night.