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I teach two classes a week on Capoferro at the moment. In the future this will change to one on Capoferro/Fabris and one on Manciolino.

At the beginning of most classes, I look at who is in the class and their skill/knowledge level and then I teach, whatever I wanted to teach before I arrived at the class – changing only the level of technical precision and closeness to free play of the drills.

A conversation at GSG about running a regular trainings brought up the idea of a written syllabus to be handed to the new student at their first session. The document would have a list of concepts and techniques with check boxes for the student to: see their progress over time, give them milestones to aim for and show what they miss when they can’t make it to training.

I have just written such a thing for Capoferro, with ease –  the book is short and well laid out, in order of most to least fundamental, and I am very familiar with it. Manciolino, I am not as familiar with, perhaps I will use someone else syllabus as a beginning point.

Capoferro draft syllabus:

strong/ weak of the sword
true edge / false edge
narrow measure/ wide measure / out of measure
inside / outside
high line / low line
line of engagement
sword in presence
riverso ( Squalembrato, tondo, montando)
mandritto ( Squalembrato, tondo)
falso (dritto, manco)


Technique/Concept Understand it Technical execution Tactical execution
First guard [] [] []
Second guard [] [] []
Third guard [] [] []
Fourth guard [] [] []
Gathering step [] [] []
Advance [] [] []
Retreat [] [] []
Pass [] [] []
Lunge [] [] []
Gaining the sword [] [] []
Attack by disengage [] [] []
Counterattack by gaining the blade [] [] []
True edge parry riposte [] [] []
False edge parry and cut [] [] []
Attack by cut [] [] []
Beat [] [] []
Scannatura [] [] []
Sbasso [] [] []
Girata [] [] []
Inquartata [] [] []

By technical execution I mean that the concept or action can be performed correctly in a training environment – tactical execution that the action can be performed in free play (I haven’t checked them all yet!).