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The college of St Bartholomew has been lucky enough to find an affordable hall around the corner from the University. Last week was was the first night of training at the new hall and the first night for me teaching Sword & Buckler in the style of Manciolino.

I am using Tariq’s syllabus and his collated translations of Manciolino and Marrozo. It is nice to have a plan for what I will be teaching for the next 17 weeks.

We had three total beginners, including a deaf student, and two students with experience in other systems. In the two hours that we had we managed to ge through most of the material although I expect that as I don’t know the material as well as Tariq does and the majority of my students are completely new to sword based martial arts we will take more time completing each lesson than he does. All up I expect his material will last me for at least 25 weeks.

It is awesome to have a regular hall who want us to be there.