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I had a nice time at training tonight, we had a good turnout of relatively experience fencers. We were able to capitalise on this and work through more material than usual. We started with an attempt at some of Guy Windsors warmups, I ran some pleasant new footwork drills, we did our usual weekly stuff and then worked through plates 15, 13, and 9 finishing with some melees and left handed free play.

Passing footwork drill

  1. pass forward as if delivering a thrust (foot turned 90o)
  2. recover passing forward into guard
  3. pass forward as if seizing the hilt of the imaginary opponent (foot inline)
  4. withdraw the body into guard with the offhand forward, without stepping
  5. repeat on the other side

Lunge and pass footwork drill

  1. lunge
  2. pass forward (foot turned 90o)
  3. withdraw into off foot forward guard, without stepping
  4. repeat on the other side

These two drills were a nice introduction to the footwork action of plates 15, 13, and 9.

Our usual weekly stuff consists of simple footwork up and down the hall, lunging practice (sword in hand), and working over the four essential actions taught in plates 7 and 16. Overall, the evening went smoothly and productively.