Guy Windsor teaches sword work and foot work separately for some concepts perhaps I should follow suit teaching Manciolino basics. Here I am applying this separation to cutting patterns in the Bolognese style.

First teach the core idea of each cutting pattern with as simple foot and hand work as possible:

  1. charity ribbon with pass & recovery
  2. infinity ribbon with two simple passes
  3. X cuts with two simple passes
  4. possibly reverse infinity ribbon with two simple passes i.e.
    1. Sopra il Braccio,
    2. pass Riverso Riddoppio,
    3. Guardia Alta,
    4. pass Montante,
    5. Sopra il Braccio,
    6. repeat

Following that, teach the previous with more focus on Manciolino specific footwork:

  1. traverse & recover
  2. pass & traverse & recover i.e.
    1. GA LFF (left foot forward)
    2. pass mandritto fendente
    3. Sotto il Braccio
    4. traverse riverso fendente
    5. recover GA
    6. repeat
    1. larga guard
    2. linear pass, falso
    3. GA
    4. traverse, fendente
    5. repeat on both sides
  3. linear pass & traverse i.e.
    1. GA LFF
    2. pass, montante
    3. SopraIB
    4. traverse, riverso ridoppio
    5. GA
    6. repeat

NB When I use pass I mean the pass along the line of offence and when I use traverse I mean a pass away from the line of offence.

At this point the students have something that can be feasibly used in free play. We then increase the difficulty of the sword work:

      1. PDFS (porta di ferro stretta)
      2. Traverse, mezza volta
      3. recover, mezza volta
      4. CPDFS (Cingaria porta di ferro stretta)
      5.  Traverse, mezza volta
      6. recover, mezza volta
      7. PDFS
      8. repeat
    1. And also
      1. CLS (Coda Lunga Stretta)
      2. Traverse, mezza volta
      3. recover, mezza volta
      4. CLA (Coda Lunga Alta)
      5.  Traverse, mezza volta
      6. recover, mezza volta
      7. CLS
      8. repeat
    1. CLA
    2. pass, trammazzone
    3. PDFS
    4. traverse, Molinello
    5. recover, trammazzone
    6. CLA
    7. repeat
    1. with two variations
      1. PDFS
      2. pass, mezzo mandritto
      3. CPDFS
      4. traverse, mezzo mandritto
      5. PDFS
      6. repeat
      1. CLA
      2. pass, mezzo riverso
      3. CLS
      4. traverse, mezzo riverso
      5. CLA
      6. repeat
    1. Coda Lunga Larga
    2. pass, falso dritto
    3. CLS
    4. traverse, riverso ridoppio
    5. recover, riverso fendente
    6. CLL
    7. repeat

These actions are smaller and use more mezzo cuts which means more blows for a given amount of foot movement. Since the shapes of the blows and sword recoveries are the same as the previous I hope that it will mean memorising one idea and deriving many drills.

We’ll see how well it works in practice.