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As usual if I leave this post to complete later and edit it will never see the light of day. Hence, two weekends ago I traveled to Perth and spent two days teaching Capofferro and some Fiore and Manciolino. It was great to have a concentrated goal of what to teach and putting together a comprehensive lesson plan was crucial, there should be an annotated version up in the near future (link added 8/7/14).

My focus was not to teach any particular technique but to teach principles and use the plays as exemplars of the principles. My main principle focus being tempo and strength/weakness, though of course structure and measure got some coverage too.

We used more time than the schedule had allocated and got through most of the material with the exception of some of the more complex intermediate drills, and Manciolino was not given enough time in the schedule, to get much further than the cutting patterns. The focus on Capoferro was deliberate as Cut & Thrust is not yet well established there, and SCA rapier and Capoferro are a natural fit.

The stuff I taught was well received and very different to what most of the fencers in Perth had done up to that point, which seemed to be general SCA style, Spanish concepts, melees, some I33 and German stuff. 

teaching the lunge again was illuminating, it highlighted the importance of leaning before stepping in order to lengthen and hasten the lunge. I will discuss this further in a future post.

It was good to be teaching Fiore wrestling and dagger in single sustained blocks. I managed to get the attack into 1st master (unarmed) and the 2nd play of 1st master to work well first time taught. Which is very satisfying as it has been particularly difficult to make the attack into 1st master make sense when taught for the first time. The difference was emphasising the principles i.e. attack uses strength of posta longa to push across the master’s line of strength and into their invisible third leg. I would love to work on this technique further with people I trust to fall properly and drastically increase the aggressive transfer of momentum.

It was lovely to be thoroughly hosted for the duration of my trip and the local SCA were a delight to spend time with; the free trip to Perth was nice too:)

Around all of the teaching, I managed to attend a short class on spear taught by Cornelius von Beck  using boffer spears and the deGrendulus spear form. I would love to have my local group doing spear en mass. I am planning to teach spear for 4 weeks at the regular SCA armoured combat training – we’ll see how it goes.

spear actions (terminology probably wrong)

greek thrust – spear chest high, hands in 4th
boars thrust – spear low and rising
sliding thrust – pool cue, both hands stay on, rotating the hands
swiss thrust – spear above the shoulders, rear hand in 1st, front hand in 4th

inside parry – point in
outside parry – turn the body aka face the weapon
high parry – window guard
low parry – squat