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The last week has been a Guy Windsor extravaganza. I have attended five days of workshops taught by Guy. I am going to post my notes from each topic separately; the first workshop was on Capofferro single sword and sword & dagger.

Capofferro Notes

NB this was not the order the class was taught in, merely the order I wrote things down.


  • turn & lunge arms up 180 deg
  • hip turn out, weight on one leg, other leg knee up turn out, same arm moves opposite


Heavy metal: support sword with middle finger and palm, other fingers for fine control.


  • teach upright neutral stance first
  • intermediates use full on capoferro guards with full torso turn
  • advanced keep the internal structure of capoferro guards but make it smaller to reduce length of tempo when changing guard and also maintain strength in structure.

Hunt the Debole

Keep it as simple and essential as possible – put their debole on your forte. It’s a game ignore technical elements other than bladework.

Coaching disengage

  • coach enters and exits measure gaining, in fully turned 4th, on entry
  • student attacks by disengage in correct time & measure
  • coach controls difficulty to ensure that student strikes using correct time & measure 4/5 attempts

Plates covered

plate 7, plate 16, plate 22, and plate 23

General notes

  • success on 4/5 attempts of any drill is optimum learning difficulty
  • teach beginners to use fully turned 2nd and 4th to control lines introduce more realistic guards later
  • Capoffero uses the term parry and riposte in one tempo where Giganti says attack on the disengage
  • never drop guard in measure
  • every pair drill both players should start and finish the drill way out of measure this improves flow of drill and discourages dropping guard in measure
  • Lisa & Justin have knee issues that required correction due to hip turn or lines of force into ground

Tactical Drills

A. enters to gain
P. disengages to step back, or strike, or feint & parry riposte.

previous drill is competitive diagnostic afterwards coach action that is weak.

  • my weakness: attacking to early/ from out of measure and also counterattack from outside to inside.
  • Justin: footwork smoothness
  • Lisa: putting it together
  • Victoria: the beat

Dagger hand game

2 players, objective is to touch opponent on T-Shirt with dominant hand can parry only with off hand.

Dagger parry exercise 1

C. has sword and continuously attempts to strike with sword
S. has dagger and parries

both are freely moving

Dagger parry exercise 2

C. has sword and continues to attempt to strike
S. has sword & dagger, parries with dagger and strikes with sword

both are freely moving

Dagger feint exercise

S. has sword  and feints a thrust
C. has S&D and parries as if to believe the feint (which should be believable)
S. strikes with a disengage

C. should vary S&D guards to make line of parry variable and obvious

Dagger ideas

add feint to plate 22 to end in plate 23

Basic drill for S&D

  1. gain with sword & strike
  2. attack by disengage with sword
  3. gain with dagger and strike with sword
  4. disengage by feint parry with dagger & strike with sword (maybe in two tempo?)