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This one is little shorter than the last post. The second class didn’t need the briefing or the explanation of the fundamentals of training at the school that was required in the first week.

Lines of strength and weakness and the relationship to parries/covers.

The regular stuff plus up swings, spine rotations, squats, dive bombers, starfish and falling practice from a kneeling position.

Revised the four steps from last week and introduced the three turns (mezza volta, tutta volta, and volta stabile).

I taught the standing step drill and then we revised the four guards.

Followed by testing three of the four guards with pressure from a partner. This is intended to teach how to form the guards better, and what the guards can do.

Following this the students practiced forming posta longa with passes and volta stabiles (PL, VS PL, VS PL, pass PL, repeat). Which will lead to the four guards drill next week.

The 1st master cover and disarm was taught followed by the 3rd master cover and disarm.

Getting the dagger material right took more time than I expected so we didn’t have time to cover defences with the sword.

Next class we will revise the dagger material but spend more time learning the early steps of first drill and second drill.