Schola Gladiatoria – database of sources plus some other stuff

The exiles – good source of Fiore PDF translations

Wiktenauer – wiki encyclopedia of western martial arts.

Kismeta – Di Grassi transcription and interpretation


Die Frei Fechter

Meyer Frei Fechter Guild – many links to manuals here

Kelly – a collection of links to manuals

Saviolo transcription

George Silver transcription

Academic journal of Western Martial arts

William E Wilson – collection of articles and links

Marcelli Wiki – translation of marcelli

Middle Ages – huge database of manuals


Order of the seven hearts – Tom leoni’s school, includes articles on WMA

Forte Swordplay – excellent videos on German longsword

Learning Fiore – just found this one.

Lignitzer interpretation

Arts of Mars – Italian longsword, buckler and shield on youtube

Meta conversation

Swordschool – Guy Windsor’s school in Finland

Historical Fencing – Ken Monschein’s page includes info on Agrippa

Coblog – capofero teaching blog – Ilkka Hartikainen’s bolognese blog

Gumbyfencer – classical and rapier fencing Blog (Capoferro)


The Rotunda – collection of SCA rapier links

Moondragon – home page of Don Tivar Moondragon

Zebee – Dona Silfren’s collection of SCA rapier stuff

HEMA alliance – bloggish

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