Schiavona – 38″ spada 3, black leather handle, hammered finish

2 Rondel Daggers

Dagger – 12″, Walnut handle, acorn pommel

Rapier Blade – 42″ bated, to replace my old one.

Schiavona style hilt – for rattan; love it if I could get this with the ability to finger the sword

Longsword – type B, quillons d, pommel b, grip green



Zbigniew Czajkowski – Understanding Fencing

Carruthers & Ziolkowski – The Medieval Craft of Memory

Carruthers & Ziolkowski – The Book of Memory

Brown, Roediger, & McDaniel – make it stick: the science of successful learning

Guy Windsor – Mastering the Art of Arms: the medieval Dagger

William Gaugler – the science of Fencing

Aldo Nadi – On Fencing

Alfieri – La Scherma: the Art of Fencing

Giganti – Venetian Rapier

Tom Leoni – Renaissance Swordsman

Thibault – Academy of the Sword

Tony Wolf – The Baritsu Compendium Vol 1

L’Abbat – The use of the Small Sword

Steaphen Fick – Beginners Guide to the Longsword

Bradak & Heslop – Lessons of the English Longsword

DVD – La Verdadera Destreza

Jared Kirby – Gran Simulacro

Robert Charrette – Fiore’s Armizare

Mathew Syed – Bounce

Tom Leoni – Fiore translation

Keith Farrell and Alex Bourdas – German study guide

Jherek Swanger – Camillo Agrippa translation

Dave Lowry – Autumn Lightning

Nigel Sutton – Searching for the Way

Robert Twigger – Angry White Pajamas

Catherine Fox – Fight the Good Fight

Ellis Amdur – Duelling with O-Sensei

Maija Soderholm – The Liar The Cheat and The Thief

Altoni – Monomachia

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